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Dresser Roots manufactures a full line of rotary-lobe blowers and centrifugal compressors. Roots pioneered the rotary-lobe blower design and has extensive experience with a wide range of applications and industries. Dresser Roots manufactures: ROOTS rotary positive blowers. For variable pressures with constant volumes, at pressures from 1 to 20 PSIG (69 to 1,379 mbar), flows from 2 to 40,000 cfm (3.4 to 67,960 m3/hr) and vacuums up to 28" Hg (948 mbar). Also ROOTS centrifugal compressors. For constant pressures and variable volumes at pressures to 50 PSIG (3,447 mbar) and capacities from 4,000 to 300,000 cfm (6,796 to 509,703 m3/hr). Dresser Roots operates manufacture/assembly and repair facilities in Connersville, Indiana, Houston, Texas, Skelmersdale, UK, Dubai, UAE, Shanghai, China and Mexico City, Mexico. All locations are staffed with factory-trained service personnel.
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