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Since its foundation in 1959, Gentec designs, produces and markets custom solutions that exceed the industry's quality and design requirements. These solutions end up in applications as varied as electric power conversion and power consumption management, from the military to banking institutions, to name only a few. The products developed and produced throughout the years by Gentec have always been a cut above the rest, thanks to the commitment of the personnel to keep ahead of technological advances and to exceed the industry's quality standards, both in the development and the production aspects. Moreover, the privileged relationship that Gentec maintains with its clients enables them to see us as a "virtual electronics department." Our employees take it upon themselves to inform our clients on any change to the electronics landscape that could affect their products, such as new component versions or components becoming obsolete, and help them work out the issue. Since its beginnings in 1959, Gentec has been recognized as a pioneer. Gentec has kept this mindset and still innovates to meet the challenges head on.
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