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Weed Instrument manufactures a line of Fiber Optic Media Converters for Industrial Protocols. In addition to serial and Ethernet, they produce manufacture specific protocols for Rockwell AB, Reliance R-Net & I/O, DeviceNet, DH485, DH+, Remote I/O, Profibus, ModBus, ModBus Plus, and GE Genius I/O. Weed Instrument is the leading provider of Fiber Optic Networking Equipment for Industrial & Process Control and Automation applications. Weed has more than three decades of experience in fiber optic networking technology. They offer the largest selection of fiber optic converters for PLC’s and Distributed Control Systems. They also provide Self Healing, Fault Tolerant, Multi-drop and Fiber Optic Communications solutions. Weed Specializes in products for Harsh Environments , FM Class 1 Div2 High EMI/RFI, and -40 to 85 C. Weed Fiber Optic Networking Products are installed in hundreds of thousands of loops worldwide!
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