Multilin 850D


Multilin 850DMultilin 850D


The Multilin 850D is designed for high performance protection, control and monitoring of up to two distribution feeders, and provides all the functionalities required for a distribution feeder including SOFT, under current and pole discordance. Extensive programmable logic and flexible configuration capabilities along with sequence coordination enable the 850D to comply with system coordination requirements.

key features

  • Up to 2 feeders within one relay
  • Dual voltage banks with single feeder
  • High-end cyber security such as AAA, Radius, RBAC, and Syslog helps enable NERC® CIP requirements
  • Draw-out design simplifies testing, commissioning and maintenance, thereby increasing process uptime
  • Wi-Fi connectivity minimizes system configuration and provides safe relay programming and diagnostic retrieval
  • Relay environmental diagnostic information helps reduce system downtime


GE Multilin 

Multilin 850D

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Multilin 850D

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