P40 Agile P14N, P14D, P94V


P40 Agile P14N, P14D, P94VP40 Agile P14N, P14D, P94V


The P14N non-directional feeder, P14D directional feeder and P94V voltage and frequency IEDs bring the design rigor and technology of transmission applications to the entire utility and industrial market. The footprints of both the device physical size and the lifecycle environmental impact have been minimized using state-of-the-art design, component, and process selection. Agile solutions from GE are ideal for new-build and retrofit alike.


GE Multilin 

P40 Agile P14N, P14D, P94V

GE Grid solution

P40 Agile P14N, P14D, P94V

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