Distribution Switches


Distribution Switches


Powell distribution switch solutions are available in subsurface, pad-mount, and transformer-mounted constructions for use in load-break, source-transfer, loop-fed, and fault-interrupting applications. Gas insulated and solid-dielectric designs can be customized to meet your requirements and application.

Pad-Mount Switches

Powell offers a wide selection of pad-mount SF6 switches for systems rated 15kV through 38kV, 600A continuous current.

Subsurface/Vault Switches

Powell subsurface/vault-style medium voltage switches are available for systems rated 15kV through 38kV, 900A continuous current. Subsurface vault switches utilize a medium voltage switch assembly mounted below ground level in a vault or chamber.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Powell is your preferred switch solution provider for voltage loss restoration. Powell has over 30 years of experience in providing preferred/alternate, main-tie-main, and multisource load shedding solutions that meet our customers’ requirements and applications.



Distribution Switches

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