8551/8553 Namur Mount


8551/8553 Namur Mount


The monostable spool valves in conformity with IEC 61508 Standard (2010 route 2H version) have TÜV (551 series) and EXIDA (551-553 series) certified with integrity levels: SIL 2 for HFT = 0 / SIL 3 for HFT = 1

• The spool valves 5/2 and 5/3 have threaded port connections

• All the exhaust ports of the spool valve are connectable, providing better environmental protection.Particularly recommended for sensitive areas, such as clean rooms, and applications in the pharmaceutical and food processing sectors

• The valves offer environmental protection against the ingress of liquids, dusts or other foreign matter (environmentally-protected construction)

• Can be externally piloted (external air pilot supply) to convert valve to zero minimum operation by flipping a gasket

• The solenoid valves satisfy all relevant EU directives



8551/8553 Namur Mount

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