• SITRANS LU150 is a short-range, non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement transmitter that combines both the sensor and electronics into a one-piece, sealed unit.

    Designed primarily for liquid applications, the device is ideal for non-contacting continuous level measurement of liquids and slurries in open or closed vessels.

    IP68 rated, SITRANS LU150 has a rugged fully encapsulated PVDF sensor that is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and extreme shock.

    With only two wires, installation of the unit is straightforward, and its two-button interface makes it both simple to configure and easy to use.

  • •GE Multilin 8 Series
    •850 Feeder Management now Available
    •869, 845, 889 versions to be released
    •Draw out case
    •10 year warranty
    •No Electrolytic capacitors
    •Secure Wi-Fi communication
    •Direct replacement for older SR relays

  • •Rittal Enclosures
    •Carbon Steel, 304 and 316 S.S. Stock Sudbury and Mississauga
    •Nema 12, 3R, 4, 4X
    •Fast Mod cut out service. Tell us what cut out you need and we will have them done before shipping. Accurate HMI, Pushbutton cut out done in no time done by Rittal.

  • The best just got better:
    Meet the enhanced MultiRanger 200 - Easier to use, easier to set up. Just plain better.

    The enhanced MultiRanger 200 gives you unparalleled ease of use, setup in under a minute, customer-driven features, and PROFIBUS DPV1. All to make your work simpler and to provide the reliability you have grown to trust in Siemens ultrasonic controllers.

    What's enhanced:
    Improved HMI for unparalleled ease of use - local four-button programming and menu-driven parameters.
    Setup in under a minute - faster commissioning with graphical Quick Start Wizards.
    Re-designed enclosure - fully isolated electronics, removable terminal blocks, and an updated exterior.
    Improved PROFIBUS DPV1 connectivity - increased interaction with this popular industrial communication protocol.

    Simply unplug your existing MultiRanger 200 and plug in the enhanced MultiRanger 200 - Same wiring connections, same mounting, same size. Easy enough, right?



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