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Carlo Gavazzi’s patented Tripleshield™ Capacitive Sensors have become the standard all other manufacturers are measured against. All Tripleshield™ sensors are tested to withstand electrostatic discharges up to 40 KV, line transients up to 4 KV, and airborne noise (ie. cellular phones) up to 15 V/m. Furthermore, some models have built-in dust and humidity compensation.

Capacitive sensors will detect most materials – conductive and non-conductive. This makes them ideal for level and presence detection in many industries such as : Plastics (dryers, vacuum systems, hopper level), Agriculture (grain silos, automatic feeding systems, irrigation systems), Food and Beverage (level detection in bottles and packages, pallet detectiopn) and the Wood Industry (sawdust and wood chip level detection, pallet production).

Our Sensors have adjustable sensitivity making them ideal for level sensing applications..

Carlo Gavazzi’s capacitive sensors are also available with IO-Link communication. This opens up a variety of functions, such as easy communication and customization of advanced parameter settings.The data available via IO-Link is useful for continuous monitoring of sensing conditions allowing for reduced downtime and improved product quality.

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