Multilin G100


Multilin G100


Multilin G100 Advanced Substation Gateway

The G100 gateway provides reliable and accurate collection and control of data (metering, status, events and faults) from serial or LAN-based intelligent devices, input/output modules, or on-board I/O for master applications such as SCADA, EMS, DMS, DCS, or other enterprise applications. With its modern and robust cyber security features, the G100 facilitates smooth integration into NERC CIP and other cybersecurity defense environments.

The G100 advanced substation gateway can operate as a SCADA host, collecting, filtering, and sorting data from a wide range of intelligent devices (RTUs, PLCs, relays, meters), preserving original data time stamps for accurate sequence of event reporting. Data can be simultaneously presented to multiple SCADA hosts with different communication protocols. G100 provides robust security environment, providing seamless integration with existing IT department policies. Automated Record Retrieval Manager (ARRM) can automatically retrieve event files, oscillography files, fault records, COMTRADE files, SOE files, Setting files, Log files, and other files from devices such as Multilin UR Protective Relays, GE’s D25 Controllers, and IEC 61850 server devices. ARRM supports using SFTP, FTP, TFTP, SEL Binary, or IEC 61850 MMS to retrieve files from an IED or device over a Local Area Network (LAN) or serial connection.


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Multilin G100

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