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Single Gas Online Transformer DGA


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Single Gas Online Transformer DGA


When a transformer’s insulation system is overstressed, the oil and paper undergo chemical degradation producing both hydro-carbon gases and moisture that dissolve into the insulating oil. The Hydran M2-X is the next generation of the field-proven family of Hydran DGA monitoring solutions. It provides continuous monitoring of gas and moisture levels to alert users of developing faults and minimize the risk of unplanned outages. The M2-X builds on GE’s strong domain expertise to deliver an optimized, low maintenance monitoring device with an extended sensor life. The Hydran™ 201Ti is a small and easy to setup continuous Dissolved Gas-in-oil Analysis (DGA) monitor. It provides the basic information used by IEEE® Standard C57.104 and can be used as an essential first line of defence for the transformers in your fleet to obtain advance warning of a failure condition and minimize the risk of an unplanned outage.


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Single Gas Online Transformer DGA

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