REC Series 3 Phase Motor Contactor


REC Series 3 Phase Motor Contactor


REC2R is a 3-phase electronic motor reversing relay. L1-T1 and L3-T3 poles are switched while L2, T2 pole is a direct connection from L2 phase to the motor. A front dual colour LED, lights green when the motor is running in the forward direction upon application of control voltage to A2-A3 terminals. Motor runs in the reverse direction when control voltage is applied to terminals A1- A2 and the LED lights red. The integrated electronic interlock prevents short circuit between phases in case a control signal is applied for forward and reverse directions simultaneously through the pluggable connector on the front. In such a case REC switches off until one of the control signals is removed. REC can control motors up to 7.6 AAC and goes up to 600 VAC rating. An adaptor for underlying overload modules is available. Specifications are stated at 25°C unless specified.


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REC Series 3 Phase Motor Contactor

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