NRGC Series Ethernet IP Relay


NRGC Series Ethernet IP Relay


NRGC Series Ethernet IP Relay

Communication interface. The NRG controller bridges the field level devices to the control level to allow exchange of data in real-time with the NRG solid state relays.

• Reduced maintenance costs and downtime. Use of real-time data for prevention of machine stoppages during operation.

• Good quality products and low scrap rates. Real-time monitoring allows timely decisions for better machine and process management.

• Reduced efforts in troubleshooting. A number of faults can be distinguished to facilitate and reduce troubleshooting time.

• Fast installation and set-up. Control, monitoring and diagnostics all possible via the communication system.

• Compact dimensions. One controller with a product width of 35 mm can handle up to 32 RG..CM..N solid state relays.


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NRGC Series Ethernet IP Relay

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