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Solenoid Valve- 2 Way:2/2 -ASCO Proportional Tech


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Solenoid Valve- 2 Way:2/2 -ASCO Proportional Tech


​​The ever-increasing demand for high quality, precision, productivity, ease of handling, user friendliness, service etc. calls for high standards from operating and manufacturing equipment and machines. High standards can only be achieved if physical variables  are precisely adjusted to the respective operating conditions, i.e. a continuous adjustment of these variables is the important factorThere are many different designs and styles of proportional valves for different operating pressures and flow rates, with either electric or electro-pneumatic actuation. ​The combination of electronics and mechanics in proportional valves offers ideal performance for many industrial applications.


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ASCO Series 290, ASCO Series 202, ASCO Series 203


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Solenoid Valve- 2 Way:2/2 -ASCO Proportional Tech

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