Turb Sensor InPro8050


Turb Sensor InPro8050


Durable Turbidity Sensor for Wastewater.The InPro 8050 single optical fiber turbidity sensor is designed for samples that have a high particle concentration. The sensor has a wide linear measuring range.

Process Control at High Concentrations

The single-fiber backscattered light technology of the InPro 8050 sensor provides a wide linear measuring range of up to 250 g/l for suspended solids.

Withstands Harsh Environments

The InPro 8050 was developed especially to guarantee accuracy and durability in industrial wastewater environments.

Rugged PSU Sensor Body

The InPro 8050 utilizes a rugged PSU (polysulfone) body, which withstands harsh process conditions in wastewater treatment.


Mettler Toledo

Turb Sensor InPro8050

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