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Proximity Sensors


Customers who rely on mission-critical machinery choose Bently Nevada proximity probe sensors to monitor machine conditions and protect important equipment assets. Our industry-leading proximity solutions offer superior performance and interchangeability in harsh environments with full API 670 compliance on applicable options.

Here are a few benefits of our proximity sensor systems:

Reduces Costs – When you use our proximity sensors as part of your plantwide monitoring program, your costs associated with insurance, maintenance, and unscheduled repairs will go down significantly

Increases Revenue – Conversely, when you use our proximity sensors as part of your plantwide monitoring program, revenue will increase through increased uptime and production quality.

Minimizes Unplanned Outages – You can convert unplanned and costly outages into planned, manageable downtime.

A collection of accessories rounds out these sensor offerings with a variety of robust and reliable components that, when installed, protect your transducers and wiring over the lifetime of your equipment.


Bently Nevada

Proximity Sensors

Product Documents

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3300 XL 25mm Proximity Transducer System Datasheet – 163236 Chess Controls

3300 XL 50mm Proximity Transducer System Datasheet – 174014 Chess Controls

3300 XL High Temperature Proximity System Datasheet – 141623 Chess Controls

3300 XL High-Pressure Feedthrough Datasheet – 141622 chess Controls

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3300 XL Underwater Probes Datasheet – 175852 Chess Controls

3300XL Transducer Accessories Datasheet – 145668 Chess Controls

21000 and 24701 Proximity Probe Housing Assemblies Datasheet – 141600 chess Controls

21022 and 164935 Dual Axial Probe Housing Assembly Datasheet – 141601 Chess Controls

21128 and 42608 Velocity Transducer Housings Datasheet – 141628 Chess Controls

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